Police: Dog bites man, man bites dog, then man is arrested

  • Boscawen police chief Kevin Wyman talks on the phone at 1 Corn Hill Road in Boscawen on Monday afternoon, January 22, 2018. GEOFF FORESTER

  • A police dog named Veda was allegedly bit by a man Sunday in Boscawen. Courtesy

Associated Press
Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A man hiding in a trailer in the back of a Boscawen property has been charged with resisting arrest and biting a police dog.

Police said the man unsuccessfully tried to hide under a pile of clothes to evade arrest Sunday as officers responded to a shooting in Boscawen. Officers said they sent the police dog into the trailer and then the man put the police dog in a chokehold and bit it on the head.

State police were asked to help investigate the shooting at 1 Corn Hill Road while the area was on lockdown for several hours Sunday afternoon. They said two men in a home were wanted on outstanding warrants and both resisted arrest before one exchanged bites with the dog.

Police haven’t released the men’s names. They said the man who bit the dog faces charges including resisting arrest, interfering with a police dog and assaulting an officer.

The police dog is named Veda and has been cleared medically to return to duty.