Letter: Marijuana bill is deeply flawed

Published: 2/27/2019 12:01:47 AM

House Bill 481 seeks to commercialize marijuana in the state of New Hampshire. As a certified prevention counselor who oversees the alcohol and drug prevention services in six school districts in New Hampshire I can tell you that this bill is deeply flawed in one very distinct way.

New Hampshire already has one of the highest substance misuse rates amongst adolescents in the nation, and our state has yet to adequately address the drug problem we already have. HB 481 declares, that, if passed, a portion of the proceeds from marijuana sales will go to fund education, treatment and recovery for substance use disorders. The problem with this proposal, however, is that with no constitutional amendment attached to this bill, legislators can divert these funds for other pet projects around the state.

To me, it is unethical to profit from the sale of a drug without guaranteeing that some of this money will be strictly allocated to those who are struggling with substance use disorders or who are at risk. Please reconsider this bill as it stands now and send it back for revisions that guarantee funding for prevention and treatment.



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