Letter: Modern thinking on guns

Thursday, March 08, 2018
Modern thinking on guns

What do you think happens when many mentally unstable people have easy access to guns? Should we be surprised? Background checks as they exist today are a joke because they are incomplete, lacking in data from the military, mental health services and many police reports. Even if someone is flagged as mentally unstable, what can we do? Do we have the laws in place to take guns away from them? The perpetrators of some recent mass shootings were never convicted of a felony. This area is a very slippery slope that we as a nation need to think much more about.

All of the recent mass shootings have been committed with military-grade weapons. I don’t think civilians need access to military-grade weapons. There are other weapons available more suitable for self defense and hunting. Does the Second Amendment right to a gun override the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

And we never hear about a “a well-regulated militia” with regard to the Second Amendment. I think the Founding Fathers would be shocked to see what has been made of the Second Amendment today. They never envisioned a world of automatic machines for killing people. In their day, it was black powder and muzzle-loading guns that fired at most one shot per minute. It is time to upgrade our thinking and our laws.