Catnapping case turns into bigger problem

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The novel McNally’s Luck by Lawrence Sanders (1992) takes place in Florida. Its main character, Archy McNally, general ladies’ man about town and investigator for his father’s law firm, looks into a case involving a kidnapped (or catnapped?) cat for eccentric Harry Willingham. In the process he becomes involved with athletic Meg Trumble, who forlornly just ended a relationship. Two women are subsequently murdered and Archy diligently follows the trail leading to a beautiful and talented psychic, Gloriana, and her gangster-like husband Franky, as well as her battle-ax mother Hertha.

Amidst this murder and mayhem, Archy tries to keep his longtime girlfriend exotic Connie Garcia happy while entertaining Meg on the sly. On the cover of the novel is a drawing of a submerged car, with a diver suspended over it, mentioned quirkily and briefly in passing. The action is fast-paced and zany but not cutesie, interspersed with lust and larceny.

If you enjoy this book, you’ll love Sanders’s other novels featuring the kooky by competent Archy. A fun thriller; never too serious.

Barbara Bonsignore