Letter: Better ways to spend military money

Published: 4/15/2019 12:01:18 AM

As you submit your taxes to the IRS, you might want to consider whether New Hampshire’s contribution of $3.14 billion to the Pentagon budget might be better used on other spending priorities. For instance, the National Priorities Project says that if New Hampshire were to spend this amount of money on state priorities we could hire 56,503 people to spend a year working on our infrastructure projects. Alternatively, we could hire 40,291 elementary school teachers or we could provide four years of scholarships for 52,838 university students.

As a country we spend $718 billion on the military. This is more than 50 percent of our discretionary budget. Our representatives in Congress are lobbied regularly by large corporations that receive contracts for military services. They need to hear from us taxpayers that we want them to more closely scrutinize military spending and to redirect some of the money we currently spend on the military to other national and local priorities.



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