Letter: Concord’s parking logic moving in reverse

For the Monitor
Published: 7/8/2018 8:48:16 AM

It was interesting to read the article by Caitlin Andrews (Monitor, July 2) concerning a history of the parking fees in Concord.

Overall the article is probably very accurate in presenting the facts. After reading the article and based on my limited knowledge of Concord parking and all the related issues I am still puzzled by the direction of Concord parking fees.

As taxpayers we just finished spending millions of dollars to renovate the downtown area to ostensibly draw more people into the downtown area to shop, spend money and hopefully attract more businesses as well.

Almost immediately following the renovation, the city council started to explore ways to increase the parking fees.

So on the one hand we try to attract people and on the other hand we discourage folks from coming into Concord with increased parking fees. It would seem that we have a contradiction in our parking policies.

So now, I pay $1 minimum in parking to run in to buy a loaf of bread, or pick up a jewelry repair, or pick up an Rx or drop off a pair of shoes for repair. Or now I have to pay a couple of more dollars to go the 5 p.m. movie or have a meal at one of the local restaurants. All these businesses are local business people trying to attract customers and we just increased the cost to their customers and ourselves.

Simple logic tells me if we want to renovate the downtown to bring more people into the downtown you do not at the same time increase the cost of parking.

When I go shopping now I make a conscience decision as to where I can go and do my shopping or entertainment and avoid Concord’s parking fees.

I do believe Concord’s City Council needs to better look at its “wants” and perhaps better manage those things they find on their plate.

Yes, you can always increase fees, taxes, etc. but it is not a bottomless pit. We seem to spend and mismanage carelessly and then scramble to figure out how we are going to further tax the public to pay for our extremes.

Jere Ericson


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