Letter: Pig scrambles send the wrong message

Monday, September 24, 2018

Should we teach our children to terrorize those who are defenseless and weaker than they are?

Of course not. But that’s what will happen in the “pig scrambles” at the Deerfield County Fair during the last weekend of this month.

A pig scramble is when frightened piglets are taken from their mothers and released in an enclosure with pumped-up kids, who then chase, tackle and grab the screaming piglets any way they can, and shove the piglets into bags, often seriously injuring the small animals. All for a prize.

In a society plagued by bullying, especially among our children, we (parents and society in general) should teach our children compassion and empathy. Pig scrambles give children the opposite message – that it is okay to terrorize and injure others, and that “might makes right,” which is fundamentally wrong.