Northern Pass: In their own words

Published: 7/21/2017 10:51:47 AM
Martha Richards of Holderness

“We, the orange opposition, have been overwhelmed for the past seven years, fighting this damnable, unwanted, unnecessary, for-greed project. There’s been amazing solidarity up and down this 100-mile route, telling Eversource and HydroQuebec a big ‘no’ to their cockamamie plan for hundreds of outdated, huge transmission towers with a gazillion watts of power for southern New England, raping and pimping its way down New Hampshire’s spine. The hollow promises of new tax payments, the dirty Forward N.H. money if a community accepted the line, clean power, jobs and that ridiculous $13 a year savings on my electricity bill are only some of the deceitful practices foisted on what they thought was a group of backwoods hillbillies.”

The Rev. Carol Meredith, pastor of Deerfield Community Church

can’t help but see the constituents of this state who are taking on Eversource and HydroQuebec as Davids. In their modern day context, they are shepherd boys and girls compared to the corporate Golaiths – huge amounts of money, an army of well-paid experts. In contrast, the volunteer activists I know are not being compensated for the incredible number of hours they are putting in.”

Ruth Niven of Franklin

“I will gladly give up $18 a year to keep the Granite State from being scarred forever by the Northern Pass.”

Neal Kurk, Republican state representative for Weare and Deering

“At these heights, I feel Northern Pass would literally disfigure the face of our state and would permanently scar some of our most iconic landscapes, destroying vistas that represent what is most special, most unique, about New Hampshire to its residents and visitors alike: our sense of place and the image we seek to project tot he rest of the country and the world.

“It is inconceivable to me that New Hampshire’s brand – once signified by the old man in the mountain’s craggy profile – could soon be represented by a string of industrial-grade steel towers more popularly associated with the northern New Jersey Turnpike. They were, without a doubt, prominent, dominant and ugly.”

Putting Northern Pass Pole Heights in Perscpective

Lee Ann Moulder of Holderness

“I believe these economic benefits will far surpass the loosely calculated benefits presented by the profit-motivated corporate executives of the Northern Pass. I think you should consider that there’s a permanent loss of revenue to N.H. should any part of the Northern Pass project be approved above ground.”

(Moulder built a house and moved away from Long Island, attracted by New Hampshire’s beauty)

Bob Guida, Republican state senator representing District 2

“The tax benefits from this project are paid for by the very same ratepayers who are paying the electric bills, because they will be incorporated into transmission and distribution charges that we pay as part of our bills, so there really is not tax benefit.”

Susan Ford of Easton, a former state representative

“The tourism expert comes to New Hampshire from Washington and talks about traffic delays, detours and visual impacts. He doesn’t understand tourism in the North Country, and I didn’t either until I moved north.”

Howard Moffett, Democratic state representative for Canterbury and Loudon

“We don’t have to destroy New Hampshire’s natural beauty in order to bring Canadian renewable energy to population centers in southern New England. Either the New England Clean Power Link or Granite State Power Link would do that without any new damage to New Hampshire’s landscape.”

Mary Parker Worthen of Bristol

Parker Worthen
“The proposed project will go right through my property. It’s right out my doorstep. My family has lived and farmed this property for over 100 years, and I want to continue to do the same. ... I believe that our homes and lands are priceless in the stories they tell and the values they reflect. Northern Pass is not in the public interest it has no value for those of us who keep alive a legacy of land and history for our children, our children’s children, and for generations of families to come.”

John Wilkinson of Lancaster

“If anyone looks beyond all the propaganda and hype pumped out over these past years by PSNH, now Eversource, with its hired experts lobbyists and lawyers attempting to convince all of us of the incredible benefits the project might – it still remains clear the reality is this project really isn’t about electrical power at all. It’s only about the power and influence of money and the desire by now Eversource to export its financial power on the state of New Hampshire and its citizens for its own corporate gains.”

Stephen Pascucci of Franklin

“No, we don’t have to break promises and destroy people’s homes and lives so that we continue to progress. This is just about a government corporation wanting a big pay day.”

Dolly McPhaul of Sugar Hill

“Siting a project that shows concern for town centers and allows business to continue as usual is the way that the New England Clean Power Link has done business, concern for community. The NECPL done with intensive planning by experts who care about the people as well as the finished product.”

“The Northern Pass is a jumbled up mess of partially thought-out plans, partially conducted studies, outdated maps and data, a staff of puppets, a reliance on attorneys and contacts to make exceptions, grant waivers, ignore deficiencies, fool the public, lie if need be and plans made as you go without sufficient knowledge and research.

“NECPL planned a route to best serve the people the Northern Pass planned a route to only serve themselves.”

John Jones of North Sutton

“Necessity is an interesting thing when you need to have something done, you have to make concessions. This Northern Pass business is not necessary for N.H. ... If it goes through, I will resent the fact that these ugly towers will be taking electricity down to Bridgeport, Conn., to light up a 20-acre used car lot every night of the year.”

David Dobbins of Gilford

“Imagine for a moment that these unnecessary industrial-scale high voltage lines are proposed to run adjacent to your property. Wouldn’t you fight for your family, wouldn’t you push for a better alternative? and wouldn’t you expect your government to protect you from unnecessary harm?

(Quotes compiled by Nick Reid, photos by Elizabeth Frantz)

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