Letter: A premature job fair

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
A premature job fair

I was very disturbed and angry to find an ad in my local paper advertising job fairs put on by the Northern Pass project. These job fairs will be held in Whitefield and Concord.

My question to Northern Pass is, how can job fairs be scheduled when the project has not even been approved? This project has been before the Site Evaluation Committee for several months. Many have testified, including myself, as to why the project should not be approved. The SEC has until February 2018 to make a decision.

The ad appears as if a decision has already been made. Does Northern Pass know something the general public doesn’t? People of New Hampshire, a decision on Northern Pass has not been made.

This ad just goes to show how brazen Northern Pass has been throughout this entire process. Readers, please keep your fingers, eyes and toes crossed, pray so this project doesn’t get approved. For if it does, there will be a big swath of mono-poles and steel lattice towers through the middle of our beautiful state, and this beauty will be gone forever.