Letter: Our house is burning

Published: 9/20/2019 12:01:24 AM
Modified: 9/20/2019 12:01:12 AM

When a neighbor’s house is on fire, we take action. Call 911. Fire engines rush to the scene. We get the people, animals and prized possessions to safety. No one questions this.

And now, our home, the Earth, is burning! The Earth is being severely disrupted by human actions. If we do not act now, our children and grandchildren will have no home. Will we wake up in time?

I invite you to take action. If we all step up, we can save our home.

Commuters, will you take public transit, carpool or buy an electric car this year?

Institutions, will you install infrastructure for our electric cars?

Homeowners, will you winterize your home?

Homebuilders, will you build energy-efficient homes?

Meat eaters, will you buy local, organic meat this year?

Business owners, will you reduce your carbon footprint?

Legislators, will you pass laws that will support climate action?

Congress, will you lead the world to address climate change now?

Voters, will you vote for government representatives who pledge to take action?

This Friday, kids and adults are striking for climate change. We should too. It’s time to act on all levels, personal and professional, to stop climate change.



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