Letter: Connecting climate dots

Sunday, November 12, 2017
Connecting climate dots

Within the past few months, news stories that can easily be linked to our warming climate have become so common that I’m wondering if the Monitor should initiate a weekly “Climate Page” as a public service. Thomas Jefferson wrote “a well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy.” One could add “to well being.” And, climate change impacts are already causing us much harm.

Examples abound. Regular Monitor readers may recall some of these (abbreviated) recent headlines: Oct. 24, “Climate change costing billions”; Oct. 28, “Winter starting later and later”; Nov. 2., “Drought-aided storm walloped region”; Nov. 5, “Moose hunt lower than in 2016”; Nov. 6, “Water shortages prompt protests.”

Then there were Harvey and Irma that killed at least 120 people in Texas and Florida, and cost some $200 billion in other damage. Not to mention this year’s 8,442 California wildfires that destroyed 8,900 homes and other structures, plus over 1 million acres of forest and killed 41 people. This is, of course, only a small foreshadowing of where we’re headed, according to some of the same scientists who are able to predict eclipses to within a minute.

Through Nov. 17, the Global Climate Summit, “COP 23,” is taking place in Bonn, Germany. Every nation on Earth is now in agreement with the Paris climate accord, except for the United States. For their own benefit, Americans (and the Monitor) should wake up and pay much closer attention. At the very least, a call to our elected officials, asking for action, is in order.