Letter: It’s time for the state to pay higher wages

Published: 1/6/2019 12:01:24 AM

If Gov. Chris Sununu truly wants to bring the minimum wage to $15 per hour, as it should be, then he should start in his own house and bring state employees’ wages to that starting minimum.

My wife worked for the Department of Safety for 17 years and did not reach that goal, although the woman hired to replace her started nearer that goal.

Another benefit would be that $15 per hour is closer to what one needs to support oneself and would enable welfare payments to be cut some. As it is now, there is no incentive to get off welfare. They can make more by staying home doing nothing. There are jobs out there now, and they go begging because the starting wage is too low to incentivize a person to work.

It is time for employers, the state and regulators to bite the bullet and pay wages closer to the cost of living.



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