PolitiFact: It’s true – 90 percent want universal background checks

Saturday, October 07, 2017

In the first hours after the Las Vegas mass shooting, many elected officials issued statements about prayer and condolences, but one official in Wisconsin went further.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, a Democrat who holds a nonpartisan office, said in a tweet on Oct. 2: “Americans have overwhelmingly supported common sense gun reform. 90% support universal background checks. Elected officials must act.”

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Abele says 90 percent of Americans “support universal background checks” for gun purchases.

“Universal” is the term for background checks to be done on every gun sale. We found support for that policy at 94 percent in the latest national poll. Support ranged between 84 percent and 89 percent in the four other most recent polls. Experts say support at or near 90 percent has been consistent for years.

For a statement that is accurate and has nothing significant missing, our rating is True.

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