Letter: The left’s America

Published: 11/10/2018 12:00:56 AM

“Progressive socialism” – this is the new American way from the liberals. There is no money for our veterans and elderly seniors, so you might have to go live under a bridge and go to the soup kitchen daily. For the others coming in, stay home and don’t work. Bring in all your family members – you will get paid for taking care of them. Get free stuff on welfare and EBT. Get Section 8 low-income housing. The left will pay for this. You don’t have to know anything or go to school. This sounds good to me. Where do I sign up? If I switch from a Republican to a Democrat, will I qualify?

I will not be here in 20 years, but my grandkids will. If you see them, please tell them that I tried and I am very, very sorry. I am now working with a lawyer to put all my assets and money in a trust so that my kids and grandkids will be set for life after I die. I don’t want big government taking and controlling any of it. God bless my America.



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