Letter: Protect cyclists

Published: 9/9/2018 12:00:39 AM

The recent tragic death of a cyclist on North State Street illustrates the risk that accompanies each ride of a cyclist on our roads. A lack of careful driving on the part of motorists, combined with the fiction that a painted line on the pavement offers safety for cyclists, have combined to once again bring to an end a wonderful person’s life.

Bike lanes are routinely used for short-term parking as well for the temporary placement of traffic signs by the highway department, both forcing cyclists into the flow of traffic, too often with a tragic result.

Inattentive driving is pandemic on our highways, with cars regularly crossing the line that separates traffic from cyclists. Curiously, society seems willing to tolerate the regular loss of human life to this kind of carelessness.

So a better design is needed. I beg those who have charge of our highways to take seriously the value of human lives as they design and redesign our highways. A painted strip along a busy highway is no protection for vulnerable cyclists.



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