Public asked to count New Hampshire turkeys

  • A male turkey (left) spreads its tail feathers near a couple of hens in Hampton. Jim Cole / AP file

Associated Press
Published: 1/1/2017 11:01:25 PM

New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department is again asking for the public’s help in counting the state’s wild turkey population.

The state’s Wild Turkey Winter Flock Survey started Sunday and runs through March 31. Volunteers are asked to report sightings of wild turkeys via an online form, making note of the number of turkeys in the flock, where they were seen, the type of habit and what they were feeding on.

Last winter, volunteers submitted more than 2,000 reports about more than 38,000 turkeys, nearly triple the previous year’s total. Wild turkeys had disappeared from the state for more than a century due to overhunting and land clearing in the 1800s. Their recovery began with the reintroduction of 25 turkeys in 1975, and the population is now about 40,000.

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