NH-based R&B songstress pens a powerful tribute for mental health awareness month

'Loss' by Ruby Shabazz, cover photo.

'Loss' by Ruby Shabazz, cover photo. Courtesy

Ruby Shabazz, EP cover art.

Ruby Shabazz, EP cover art. Courtesy of Colleen Jamieson

Published: 05-23-2024 6:00 AM

Nashua, NH - Ruby Shabazz releases new song “Loss” in honor of mental health awareness month on all major streaming platforms.

“Loss” is an emotional tribute about the loss of a loved one and the heartbreak, grief and mental challenges we go through in the aftermath.

“I promised myself I would get deeper and more vulnerable with my songwriting. Now I’m making music that is open and honest with a message I believe can help people going through difficult times” says Ruby.

The track is produced by SAMerican, a musician from Paris who brings the sound of classic soul with a hip hop element.

Ruby’s unique and soulful music has been described by Wave Radio Boston’s host Joe Beauregard as “an updated version of neo-soul mixed with the throwback sounds of Lauryn Hill.”

She has also been named New Hampshire’s queen of R&B and Hip Hop by NH Magazine and strives to live up to the title with a few soulful projects in the works for 2024.

When asked how she feels when people refer to her as the Queen of NH Hip Hop and R&B, Ruby replies, “I feel honored and I feel humbled, and I would always feel like I have more work to do and more progress to make. But I can’t lie. I like that title.” – NH Magazine

The single is available on all musical platforms as of Tuesday, May 21.

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