Letter: Read the founding documents

Published: 2/23/2021 12:01:31 AM

Now that the side show is over in Washington, perhaps it is time to reflect and understand why we have gotten to that point in the republic. Perhaps if our elected leaders were more rooted in their principles and fidelity to the Constitution as opposed to party fealty, we could have avoided both the Capitol debacle and the impeachment.

While both political parties deserve blame, it is the people who are truly at fault, as they are both ignorant of the meaning of the Constitution as intended by those who ratified the document and no longer attached to the country’s history.

You see, if the people understood that the Constitution is more than a document, it’s an actual contract which spells out and defines the limited nature of the federal government, then individuals like Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Mitch McConnell and other elected officials would be totally irrelevant.

As it currently stands, we no longer have a properly functioning government on both the state and federal levels. We now have executive government, i.e. the president acts independently without consulting the Congress. This phenomenon didn’t begin with Trump or Biden; it can actually be traced back to FDR and the Congress who willingly abrogated its proper authority under the Constitution.

For far too long the people have been taught errant truths about the Constitution. Read the founding documents that were originally used to ratify the Constitution to understand its original meaning, not the opinions of Supreme Court justices or constitutional scholars.



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