At a time when TV and radio audiences are fragmented and direct mail costs are rising, nothing beats a daily newspaper for reach, affordability, flexibility and impact.


Newspapers offer the broadest reach of any mass medium:

  • An average issue of a daily or Sunday newspaper reaches more adults than an average half-hour of prime-time television.
  • In central NH, the Monitor's daily and Sunday readership is more than three times the number of people who listen to the region's most-popular radio station.
  • You can hit every household with direct mail, but is anyone paying attention? Research indicates anywhere from half to three-quarters of all direct mail goes straight to the trash, unopened and unread. But newspaper ads and circulars are sought out by consumers.

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  • Newspaper advertising costs less per thousand readers than TV, direct mail and radio advertising.
  • Newspaper campaigns require no out-of-pocket costs for creative materials. We’ll even build your ad for free.
  • Newspaper campaigns can be tailored to any budget. The medium offers a variety of ad sizes to fit your budget ad goals, from a one-column-inch ad to two full-page ads side by side called a double-truck.
  • Because newspaper advertising is so affordable, it is an ideal medium to build “top of mind” awareness with frequency campaigns.

Flexibility & timeliness

  • Newspapers offer enormous flexibility in content, design, placement and frequency. Plus, newspapers are a “rapid response” medium – you can refine your message or change your whole campaign in just two days.
  • Ads can be almost any size and shape, including L-shapes and wraparounds.
  • Add color to make your ad pop off the page.
  • With newspaper advertising, you can easily schedule a campaign around your key selling cycle.
  • Short lead times make it possible to change your messages quickly to respond to real-world events and opportunities.

Impact and effectiveness

  • Newspaper advertising has proven its effectiveness over time.
  • Readers look for and forward to ads in newspapers, whereas they often resent advertising in other media.
  • Readers rely on newspapers for shopping information more than other media.
  • Combining text and visuals, well-designed newspaper ads engage your customers on many levels – emotional and intellectual.
  • Newspaper ad design is versatile. You can use blockbuster spreads to command attention.
  • Newspaper ads have the ability to communicate lengthy, complex or detailed information and descriptions.
  • Regular weekly sections offer opportunities to target like-minded readers in an environment that supports your message. Occasional special publications reach even more like-minded readers.
  • Newspaper advertising is more trusted than many other forms of advertising.

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