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The Monitor has several community partners that help directly support coverage on specific issues, from education to science. These partnerships help us sustain our award-winning coverage. This list below details who is supporting what type of coverage. In all cases, our community partners do not influence what the Monitor covers or how we cover it. The Monitor maintains editorial control in all circumstances.

2021 Impact Report


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Find out how to become a Community Partner. The Monitor is looking for partners to support health care and environment reporting positions. If you’d like to hear more, contact publisher Steve Leone at


Now in its third year, the following help support our daily reporting on all issues related to education in New Hampshire.
Read our Education reporting. 


Two New Hampshires

In its first year, this beat focuses on disparity and the economic divide in NH. Our partners help support daily reporting.
Read our Two New Hampshire reporting. 


Hometown Heroes

A weekly story about someone in our communities that has gone above and beyond. The Monitor selects the recipients.
Read the series




Granite Geek

The weekly Granite Geek science column is written by longtime NH journalist David Brooks.
Visit the Granite Geek blog.




On the Trail

A weekly column about campaign politics in our state by NH-based national reporter Paul Steinhauser.
Read the On the Trail columns.


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