Letter: Disingenuous to history

Published: 6/29/2020 12:01:15 AM

It was not unknown in 1727, and it is not unknown today, that Abenaki, Pennacook, and other Wabanaki peoples lived, and still live, throughout the region of present-day Concord.

To write, as James Spain did in his June 21 article on the “settling of Concord,” that Europeans built “protection from the elements and unknown” is disingenuous to history, and contributes to a harmful erasure of indigenous people from the historical record.

The people who stole the land at Concord, and built garrisons to defend their false claims, had knowingly moved into the active territories of long-established societies. We should not feign shock or outrage today that these settlers’ encroachments were met with resistance.

If we are to learn from the past, we can’t overlook the presence and perspectives of indigenous people in our narratives. We can’t celebrate our history without talking about genocide, mourning what has been lost, healing where we can, and taking steps to not repeat the wrongs of the past.



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