Letter: Rogers has earned another term

Published: 10/28/2020 12:01:28 AM

I wanted to publicly thank Rep. Katherine Rogers for her longtime efforts to make voting possible for folks who have been overlooked in the past.

I already knew Katherine for her work fighting for workers’ rights, but her work on voter rights has also made her an important voice in the State House.

Through her efforts, modifications were already made to New Hampshire election law, adding dependent care to the list of acceptable excuses to request an absentee ballot, making it easier for single parents and others with caretaking responsibilities to have a voice.

For me, and others who truly treasure their right to vote, “no excuse absentee voting” or “vote by mail” legislation is crucial. We know it can make the difference in being able to cast a vote and being left out.

With the current pandemic, the need for this legislation has become more evident than ever. This year is the time to pass permanent legislation allowing all eligible voters to have a voice in all our elections. It is also time to thank Rep. Rogers for her forward thinking and her concern for all eligible voters.

We should stand with her and get this legislation over the finish line. It is also time to re-elect Katherine Rogers to the House of Representatives. Please vote for Katherine Rogers, New Hampshire House, Merrimack District 28.



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