Letter: SB 193 is a new tax

Published: 2/6/2018 12:01:50 AM
SB 193 is a new tax

Senate Bill 193 does not represent Granite State values and priorities. It is a tool to advance out-of-state conservative political interests and would undermine the long-term future of New Hampshire’s public education system.

The bill’s initial language originated from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative organization funded by the billionaire Koch brothers. At the finance committee hearing, supporters included Americans for Prosperity N.H., an affiliate of the national Koch brothers-funded political advocacy group; Ed Choice, a national group that lobbies for school choice; and the Children’s Scholarship Fund, a New York organization with a state affiliate that would benefit from the bill’s passage. Opponents included the Manchester mayor; school board members and school administrators from across the state; Community Support Network Inc., a local provider of services to individuals with developmental disabilities; the New Hampshire Association of School Principals; the New Hampshire Special Education Administrators Association; and the state chapter of the NEA, which represents local teachers. Four out of five New Hampshire citizens who testified or registered their position opposed the bill.

The strong local opposition to SB 193 is not surprising. The bill would, in effect, impose a new tax on the people of New Hampshire. Our public schools are funded by local taxpayers and aid from the state. By taking public education tax dollars to pay for private and religious education, this bill would further burden local and state taxpayers, who would have to make up the difference or suffer significant cuts to public schools.




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