Letter: Sanbornton doesn’t need a new website

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Sanbornton doesn’t need a new website

For quite some time our former town assessor, who recently resigned, was also responsible for the management of the Sanbornton website. As I recall, we were paying a reasonable hosting fee each month for our site and the assessor was also acting as the data administrator for the town. As a frequent user of the website I feel that it provides the taxpayers with all the information they need from zoning info to property assessing data and also the legally required meeting minutes of the selectmen meetings and all boards and committees as well.

Meeting agendas are published also, as required by law, and a very helpful bulletin page keeps our taxpayers informed of many town activities. One can even find the town’s monthly budget expense report, the past town meeting minutes and a few years worth of selectmen’s meeting minutes. The site also indicates who the elected officials, board members and committee members are.

So the question we have to ask our selectmen is, why are you looking to replace the current reliable and informative town website with a new one that will, according to the selectmen’s minutes, cost the taxpayers $5,000? It will also take an estimated 12 to 15 weeks to design and install at a cost of $1,759 a year for hosting the website and providing support and system maintenance.