Letter: Re-elect Schultz in Ward 9

Published: 11/5/2018 12:01:15 AM

It was a great honor to win the special election in Ward 9 last year, and it would be an honor to have your support again on Nov. 6.

We must fight every day to make sure our families get ahead. The American Dream should be in reach for all Americans: the dream that for a hard day’s work you can own a home, feed your family and live a decent life in your retirement must be attainable for Granite Staters.

Families need to be able to afford more than the bare essentials. Everyone in New Hampshire needs access to affordable health care. If re-elected I will work to ensure we increase health care coverage in this state. I support raising the minimum wage to a rate that allows any family to thrive. We want our families to build New Hampshire’s economy into the robust engine we need to face the 21st century and to educate our children.

We have a moral responsibility with our state’s budget, too. We can balance our budgets and help businesses innovate while still helping New Hampshire’s most vulnerable citizens. To give more privileges to the privileged while cutting services to those in need is simply unacceptable.

I will continue to support the values I believe you also stand for. With your help, I can do just that. I ask for your vote for state representative in Concord’s Ward 9 (Merrimack County District 18). Ward 9 votes at Havenwood Retirement Community, 33 Christian Ave. Concord’s polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can register to vote on election day at the polls.



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