Letter: Schweiker for state rep

Published: 7/13/2018 12:00:59 AM

I have filed in the Democratic primary for state representative in Concord Ward 4 because I think there is a need for someone who will represent ordinary people not special interests. Donald Trump is president today despite his personal foibles because millions of former Democratic voters nationwide thought he understood their problems better than the “cosmopolitan elite” who had taken over the Democratic Party.

If elected, I hope to spend my time sponsoring common-sense laws to improve the lives of people of all kinds:

– Advertised prices for cars and car repairs to be actual total price

– Full cost of education for refugees to be paid by state and federal governments

– Create equitable fuel taxes for diesel and electric vehicles to address highway funding gaps

– End in-state telemarketing to do-not-call list

– State-funded cost of “adequate education” to include allowance for buildings

– Allow local referendums on local minimum wage

– Allow local referendums on local entertainment tax

– Commercial property to be assessed by same method as residential property so they pay their fair share of property taxes

Of course I can’t guarantee any of these will pass, but at least opponents will be on record for their views instead of ignoring these issues. And if you agree with any of these but live in a different district, why not ask your candidates to pledge to be co-sponsors?



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