Letter: Let’s send Sununu packing

Published: 10/14/2020 12:02:34 AM

It feels almost trite to say that this election is the most consequential election of our lifetime. But it is. With so much at stake nationally, it is sometimes hard to focus on the New Hampshire governor’s race. But this race matters. And it matters big time.

Do you want paid family and medical leave, especially in this time of COVID-19? Do you want a living wage for our essential and struggling workers? Do you want meaningful gun safety? Do you want a transition from fossil fuels toward renewable energy resources to save the planet?

If so, then Chris Sununu is not your man. Dan Feltes is. As the state Senate majority leader, Feltes has fought for these crucial measures. Sununu vetoed them. Feltes works to improve the lives of all New Hampshire citizens, not just the top 1%. Dan Feltes is a person of integrity and is rightly motivated to move New Hampshire forward to a much brighter and safer future for our children and grandchildren.

These are unprecedented times both for our nation and for our state. Sununu boasts that he is a “Trump man through and through.” Let’s send them both packing on Nov. 3.



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