Shopping for gifts in Concord

  • New Hampshire-made tree trunk mugs from Fifty Home on North Main Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Capri Blue candles from Chickadee Lane Interiors on North Main Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Traditional nutcracker from Viking House on North Main Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Anyone looking to get into art should consider this art kit from Art Plus, complete with colored pencils, a drawing pad and some watercolor paints. JON BODELL / Monitor staff

  • New Hampshire-made moose Christmas tree ornament from Marketplace New England on North Main Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • A table decoration from Amish Homestead on South Main Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Youth hockey skates and helmets from Capital Sporting Goods on North State Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Books and novelties from Gibson’s Bookstore on South Main Street.

  • A Yomega Brain yo-yo from Yo Yo Heaven on North Main Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Jellycat stuffed animals from Caring Gifts on North Main Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Pick up a pack of handmade crackers at Cole Gardens. These aren't crunchy snacks -- they're little surprise packages full of small toys and other novelties the kids should love. JON BODELL / Monitor staff

  • Hafco Dutch licorice from Viking House. JON BODELL / Insider staff

  • There are all kinds of great handmade gift ideas at the Correctional Industries Retail Showroom across the street from the state prison on North State Street, including this fish-shaped cutting board. JON BODELL / Monitor staff

  • Resource Revival bottle openers made from recycled bike parts, from Fifty Home. JON BODELL / Insider staff

  • Maudie's Super Squash Scoopers from Things Are Cooking on North Main Street. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Fairy house decorations from Osborne's Agway on Sheep Davis Road. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

  • Open Farm dog food from Sandy's Pet Food Center on Old Turnpike Road. JON BODELL / Monitor staff—

Monitor staff
Published: 12/1/2017 11:46:14 AM

So, you’re coming up dry on ideas for a perfect holiday gift, and you really want to support Concord’s local merchants. With this significant conundrum in mind, I set out to find a solution. In case you missed the Concord Destination magazine, I dropped by – unannounced – at several Concord locations to put together a truly unique gift basket. My goal was to gather a collection from downtown businesses and from other spots in the city each for under $100. The downtown basket was a success, coming in under budget at $97.91. Whoever receives the basket from beyond downtown should feel extra special, since I went a bit over with a total cost of $134.96.

Downtown basket

Bottle opener: These Resource Revival bottle openers are made in Oregon from recycled bicycle chains. Fifty Home, 134 N. Main St., $9.50

Squash scooper: Maudie’s Super Squash Scoopers can be used to scoop out squash, pumpkins, gourds or anything else that can be hard to get out of its outer layer. Things Are Cooking, 74 N. Main St., $6.99

Brain yo-yo: The Yomega Brain yo-yo is perfect for the beginner who wants to get into yo-yoing. The springs inside the body of the yo-yo make it jump back up before it stops spinning. Yo Yo Heaven, 4 N. Main St., $10.99

Jellycats: Jellycats are among the softest, most cuddly stuffed animals you can find, and these pink-and-white bird characters are the newest members of the lineup. Caring Gifts, 18 N. Main St., $23 (small), $46 (large)

Moose ornament: This Laserkrafts laser-cut wooden moose ornament, made in Deerfield, is a perfect New England accent to any Christmas tree. Marketplace New England, 7 N. Main St., $7.99

Candles: Capri Blue scented candles are among the most popular items sold at Chickadee Lane Interiors, and they’re available in many scents and sizes. Chickadee Lane Interiors, 25 N. Main St., $14.50 (8.5 oz)

Books and novelties: Gibson’s Bookstore has thousands of books and all kinds of toys and novelties, but The Wonderling by Mira Bartok is a title that’s been in especially high demand lately. Gibson’s Bookstore, 45 S. Main St., $21.99 (The Wonderling, hardcover)

Dutch licorice: Viking House is known for its vast array of authentic European candies. Among the most popular items are the many varieties of Hafco brand Dutch licorice. Viking House, 19 N. Main St., $2.95

Beyond downtown basket

Art kit: Anyone looking to get into art – no matter what age or skill level – should consider this portable art kit from Art Plus, complete with colored pencils, a drawing pad and some watercolor paints. Art Plus, 249 Loudon Road, $19.99

Crackers: Don’t let the name fool you – these crackers aren’t crunchy snacks. They’re little surprise packages full of small toys and other novelties that the kids should get a kick out of, and they’re very popular in the United Kingdom. Cole Gardens, 430 Loudon Road, $11

Cutting board: New Hampshire State Prison inmates hand-make a lot of high-end wooden products that can be bought at the retail showroom across the street. There are plenty of small gift-basket ideas, too, such as cutting boards like this one. Correctional Industries Retail Showroom, 312 N. State St., $12

Teapot Decoration: Dress up your dining room table for the holidays with this teapot decoration, complete with an electric candle. Amish Homestead, 234 S. Main St., facebook.come/amish.homestead. $20

Hockey equipment: Hockey season is in full swing, and Capital Sporting Goods has the gear your little ones need to get started, like these beginner Lil’ Angel and Lil’ Champ skates and Lil’ Sport helmets by Bauer. Capital Sporting Goods, 276 N. State St., $29.99 (skates), $59.99 (helmet)

Dog food: Since our four-legged friends love gifts, too, pick up a bag of health Open Farm dog food at Sandy’s Pet Food Center. Sandy’s Pet Food, 141 Old Turnpike Road, $21.99 for 4.5 pounds

Fairy Garden House: With fairy gardens exploding in popularity, little houses like this are in high demand. Osborne’s Agway, 258 Sheep Davis Road, $19.99

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