Letter: The plastic problem

Published: 9/11/2019 12:01:15 AM

During the past legislative session, the New Hampshire House, with 400 members, passed a ban on single-use plastic bags (House Bill 560) and plastic straws unless requested (HB 558). We applauded this effort. The N.H. Senate, with 24 members, did not pass these bills. Which proves once again, “Two heads are better than one.” Our governor, having only one head, would probably not have signed it.

Every year 150 million tons of single-use plastic are thrown away; 8 million of these are dumped into the oceans. Every year! The data is there. We do not need more “studies” to know we are destroying the planet with plastic.

This summer, a little group in Concord embarked on a project to write post cards to Main Street merchants about single-use plastic bags and straws. We hand-delivered the packet of cards (310 hand-written) and engaged in conversations about single-use plastic with merchants. Although it was pretty clear that we were not in their store to buy anything, we were warmly greeted by every manager and all agreed that single-use plastic was a problem that needed to be addressed. When asked if it would help if New Hampshire banned the bags, the answer was “yes,” it would create a level playing field.

So, two things have to happen. New Hampshire senators and the governor must follow the lead of the House. And Concord has to rethink the way it discards its trash. Let’s bring back the tin can. Makes better music.



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