Letter: Soldati will modernize Democratic Party

Published: 2/28/2021 12:01:20 AM

State committee members should vote for Emmett Soldati as the New Hampshire Democratic Party chair.

I first met Emmett during a car rally at the Strafford County jail, where we were urging for the release of civil detainees. These rallies are held every Sunday with the cooperation of Strafford County staff, and Emmett attends almost every week.

There is no question about Emmett’s sincerity – he is passionate about building a strong, diverse community where all cultures are celebrated and welcomed.

Emmett is deeply committed to the community, which is evident by his Local First platform. Emmett is a proud “Townie” of his hometown, Somersworth, which is one of New Hampshire’s smallest cities, but also one of its most diverse.

As the NHDP chair, Emmett will establish “open doors” policies that will lower barriers of entry for candidates to allow for a more diverse party that better reflects the communities it represents. He will modernize the party with new digital standards and use data analysis to understand trends, rather than relying on assumptions.

He will also convene an annual Skillshare Conference run by town and county committees as a way to share best practices and knowledge.

New Hampshire’s primary is often under scrutiny due to the state’s lack of racial diversity. New Hampshire needs elected leaders who recognize the importance of diversity and how this diversity must be reflected in the election process. Emmett is exactly what the NHDP needs right now.



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