Letter: A call to NRA members

Thursday, March 08, 2018
A call to NRA members

So many letters written regarding the shooting in Lakeland, Fla. Most people are horrified by the killing of our young people. Blame is being sprinkled on everyone – the liberals, NRA, FBI and local law enforcement. None of this will bring back the young people we lost. But I think most people agree that something must be done to make gun sales safer.

The NRA has a long history of encouraging its members to believe that the government has an agenda to take away all guns. I personally find it hard to believe that adults can really believe this to be true. But I try to understand.

However, I believe that the majority of gun owners belong to the NRA because of the original purpose of the NRA: responsible gun ownership. A large majority of NRA members agree with the need for sensible regulations for the sale of guns.

I have written to all my members of Congress giving my opinion on gun control. Now I would lay down a challenge to members of the NRA: Write letters to your organization urging it to be part of the process with Congress to write sensible regulations for the sale of guns. Give the NRA a deadline of March 15 to show support or consider withdrawing your membership.

You have the ability to let your organization know your wishes. Show the students everywhere that you hear their wishes and that you stand with them. Adults and students together can make a long-needed change. Please consider doing this.