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Meredith Harbor

Two New Hampshires: Meredith

Meredith’s full-time and seasonal populations highlight economic divide

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Alexa Felix

Open to talk

A look at the needs and resources for those with mental health problems in New Hampshire.

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Schools under stress

As schools emerge out of the disruption of learning from the years of the COVID pandemic, many districts are finding it more difficult to hire and retain teachers.

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State Police vehicles

Counting Cops

A five-day series digging into the numbers behind New Hampshire's growing police presence.

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Shots Fired

A multi-day series looking at how a failed mental health system resulting in deadly force from police.

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Fighting Back

A four-day series on combating domestic violence in N.H.

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Finding Hope

A five-part series on youth suicide and prevention.

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Stolen Memories

A look at early onset Alzheimer's diesease. Winner of the 2018 NENPA Publick Occurrences award.

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Growing Grandfamilies

As the opioid epidemic takes its toll, grandparents step up to take care of grandchildren whose parents are addicted

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Living Transgender

The Concord Monitor published a five-part series that focuses on the lives of transgender people living in New Hampshire.

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Fatal Flaws: A Crisis in Child Protection

In recent years, less than 5 percent of child abuse cases in New Hampshire have been found to have merit, a figure that puts the state last in the country. Since 2010, the deaths of at least 25 children have been linked to abuse or neglect, including eight who died following reports to DCYF.

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Return to the River

A four-part series looking at the changes and challenges the city of Franklin faces.

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Parenting From Prison

Parents are trying to maintain a relationship with their children while being incarcerated.

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Unsilenced: Survivors speak out about sexual assault.

One out of every five felony sexual assault charges filed in New Hampshire between 2012 and 2015 resulted in a conviction.During that same time period, the number of aggravated felonious sexual assault and felonious sexual assault charges filed in state courts dropped 50 percent.

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