Bow Rotary gives awards

  • Bow Rotary President Judy Goodnow, Sarah Jarrar, Lucas Cohen, Michael Mullen, Samantha Perry and Scholarship Chairman Steve DeStefano. Courtesy Eric Anderson

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Bow Rotary’s 2017 scholarship recipients were all invited to the Rotary meeting Jan. 5 to receive their scholarship awards. Steve DeStefano introduced each recipient and invited them to the podium to talk about their first semester experiences. Each recipient stated how grateful they are for the financial assistance and all were doing extremely well in their studies and in their transitions to campus life.

Accepting were Michael Mullen, Samantha Perry, Lucas Cohen and Sarah Jarrar. Due to the weather, Nandita Kasireddy was not able to attend the meeting but will attend a future meeting to be recognized and receive her scholarship. Some of the parents were in also in attendance and all enjoyed breakfast.

Bow Rotary moved the timing of its scholarship awards to graduating seniors to the end of the first semester instead of June.