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Sununu: Late-term abortion ban in budget won't trigger veto

Published: 6/3/2021 2:33:38 PM

 Associated Press

Including a ban on abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy in the state budget won’t trigger a veto, Gov. Chris Sununu said Thursday.

The Senate’s voting Thursday on a proposed budget that includes a proposal to ban such abortions, unless the mother’s life was at risk.

“I’m a pro-choice governor, but like most citizens of the state of New Hampshire, I do not think that we should be doing late-term or, you know, these at-the-very-last-minute-type abortions,” Sununu told “New Hampshire Today” radio host Chris Ryan. “That’s all this really touches upon, and I think most people agree that that’s, that’s not appropriate. So, no, I wouldn’t necessarily veto a budget over that.”

When asked about abortion restrictions last year, Sununu told WMUR-TV, “I’m not looking to make any changes on that.”

“I don’t think we’re looking to make any abortion restrictions in this state,” he said during a Facebook question-and-answer session.

Democrats cast his newer comments as a reversal, but Sununu’s spokesperson said he expressed support for bans on late-term abortions in 2018.

“To be clear, he did not propose this legislative amendment,” Ben Vihstadt said in an email. “But as he said this morning, he’s not going to veto an entire state budget over a change that would bring New Hampshire in line with 43 other states, and any claim that this is a radical restriction is just partisan politics.”

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