Letter: Sununu should call for Trump’s resignation

Published: 1/14/2021 12:01:10 AM

Gov. Sununu: On Jan. 6, we watched the saddest recent day of our democracy unfold on live TV. Rioters, incited by the president and bearing his name, attacked the Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from counting electoral votes. Five people, including a police officer, died.

President Trump, aware of the violence and that some of his supporters attacked Congress, did nothing for two hours. When he finally directed the rioters to go home, he did not condemn their rioting. Let’s not mince words nor find excuses. He chose to let two hours of rioting at the Capitol go on before telling his rioters to go home. Those rioters were incited by the election fraud lies he continually repeated. Sixty courts found no basis to overturn the election. None. Even in the face of death threats, Republican election officials, who had voted for President Trump, told the public there was no basis for the president’s election fraud conspiracies.

You either condone the president’s actions, or you condemn them. There is no middle ground. The president incited and watched rioters attack Congress, and let it continue. The courage of the Capitol Police prevented members of Congress from death or injury.

As our leader, you need to call for him to resign. You need to condemn the election fraud lies that he still uses to incite his supporters. All our leaders need to speak with one voice to condemn his actions and these lies. Impeachment is no substitute.



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