Letter: An ever-shifting wind

Tuesday, February 06, 2018
An ever-shifting wind

Shades of Donald Trump! In his latest statement that “I know exactly what’s best for the state of New Hampshire,” our Governor Weathervane seems to be channeling our “stable genius” president. He then goes on to criticize our congressional representative who are on the same side of the off-shore drilling issue, clearly demonstrating the Republican version of bipartisanship by not even communicating with our representatives.

As for cooperation, Governor W. prefers to go it alone rather than join with others, including the Republican governor of Massachusetts, who are fighting the same issue. That is, until the wind blows from a different direction. Trumpian? Definitely!

I am happy the governor wants to protect our “pristine” coastline, but Governor Weathervane doesn’t seem to be so protective of the “pristine” center of our state with his eager support of Northern Pass. Could it be that donations from members of Eversource to his campaign have molded his view? Once oil companies contribute, will the Weathervane swing to their support? Time will tell.