Letter: Remember the surplus

Monday, December 18, 2017
Remember the surplus?

Don Hinman’s letter (Monitor letters, Dec. 12) refers to the surplus George W. Bush inherited from Bill Clinton.

I remembered, recently, early candidate Howard Dean coming to Taylor Community in Laconia for a public meeting. He said, “The $80 billion surplus George W. Bush inherited from Bill Clinton’s administration could have provided health insurance for every man, woman and child in the United States.”

Now that so many are buying their own in some way, with prices rising while Donald Trump is determined to kill Obamacare, that lost-opportunity that Dean pointed out should really get a rise out of us.

Bush turned that surplus into a tax break for the wealthy. Hinman’s letter reminds us that what followed was “a Great Recession.”

I’ve just heard on NPR that five or six European nations, the biggies, our “friends” usually, are threatening a lawsuit because the Trump/Republican tax bill will cause taxing of money paid in taxes, and the world trade agreements outlaw that. Interesting. Whoever knew taxes could be so complicated (to paraphrase Trump when he learned some more about health care)?

We now know that included in this superlative tax bill, also, is resumed oil drilling in the Arctic. For shame. Shell already tried and abandoned it as dangerous and impractical. What does that have to do with taxation policy? What else is hidden in the big, fat bill? For shame the rushed-through tax bill, elevating income for the rich.

Bah humbug, that tax bill.