Letter: Tears of pain, joy, gratitude

Published: 2/25/2021 12:02:00 AM

Driving out of the Sears auto garage at Steeplegate Mall on Saturday, I began to sob. My eyes were still brimming 15 minutes later when the Army MP released me from observation. I’d been looking forward to receiving my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, but I hadn’t expected it to flood me with such intense emotions.

My tears were a catharsis from a year’s worth of heartbreak for the 90-plus percent of the world’s population who, unlike me, are suffering – some horribly – from our COVID catastrophe.

My tears were a celebration that something in our world is finally going right, beginning with the miraculous development of this extremely safe and highly effective vaccine by Turkish-German husband and wife physicians Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci (he a Muslim, whom our previous president would have banned from entering our country).

My tears were for the complex supply and delivery chain that got my COVID dose to Concord, and for the competent and caring adult in the White House who’s overseeing this massive initiative.

My tears were a prayer of gratitude for the beneficent military police who registered me, and for the Concord Hospital nurse who volunteered her time to inject me with my small aliquot of messenger RNA.

My tears were a cry of joy that our nation is finally coming together to do something good and mission-critical for the human condition.

My tears were an affirmation that, through our pain and heartache, each of us is capable of great goodness.




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