Jersey Boys rocked the Capitol Center

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Jersey Boys rocked the Capitol Center

I would like to congratulate the Capitol Center for the Arts for the recent Jersey Boys Show. It was an excellent, and I mean excellent, evening of top notch musical entertainment. I had seen this show in Las Vegas a few years ago and I was so happy to see it coming to Concord.

I had the opportunity by chance at Constantly Pizza prior to the show to meet two members of the main cast. I asked them if they were in the cast and they said “yes.” We had a nice conversation while they were waiting for their food order. What a joy it was to meet these two gentlemen. It was even nicer while I was waiting outside for my ride when these same two gentlemen came out and immediately came over to me and asked how I liked the show and again were in no hurry to leave. They were such down-to-earth men.

The talent of all the cast and especially the four men who portrayed the Four Seasons was top notch. I also would like to thank Lorne Gregory in the box offiice, for helping to realize there are people who were handicap in need of seats even though all of the handicap seats were sold out. A special thank you to Nicolette Clarke, executive director, who also worked with Lorne on this.

A special thank you to the excellent ushers and usherettes for their sincere care, concern, and making sure that everyone, handicap, or disabled were all set. They are a very classy group of people whom the Capital Center for the Arts should be very proud of.

My only wish would be that there is an area for those who need to use the elevator be set aside so when the doors opened, we are not pushed trying to get to this area. I heard some comments by a few patrons that were not very nice. Shame on you!

I hope to see another performance of The Jersey Boys in the future. It was that good!

Dick Patten

Concord Heights