Letter: Democratic lynch mob

Sunday, December 10, 2017
Democratic lynch mob

I am saddened by the mob action of the Democratic Party in the U.S. Senate that threw Sen. Al Franken under the bus, or was it a bandwagon?

It is hard for me to imagine how such posturing can be done without a spine. Their lack of faith in due process and the Senate Ethics Committee not only reflects the country’s lack of trust in Congress, it reinforces it.

If your knee just jerked and you think I am dismissing the accusations against Franken you fail to distinguish between a man found guilty by a trial of his peers and one found waiting for his trial by a lynch mob.

This isn’t about justice; this is about politics. Inept politics, the Democratic Party’s demonstrated field of expertise.

It took Donald Trump to make George W. Bush almost look good. It has taken Maggie Hassan to make Kelly Ayotte look like the innocuous photo-op prop and parroting apparatchik that she was seem almost benign.