Letter: Making children pay

Thursday, December 14, 2017
Making children pay

Much of the tax-cut bill Congress is considering is ugly and wrongheaded. But taking health care away from children in low-income homes in order to pay for tax cuts to the wealthy is truly despicable.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program is part of Medicaid. In 2016 it covered nearly 9 million children. Its funding lapsed two months ago.

Sen. Orrin Hatch said, “The reason CHIP’s having trouble is that we don’t have money anymore.” Then he voted for a huge tax cut.

This is so misguided as to be immoral and indecent. It is incredible that the GOP is hell-bent on enriching a tiny percent of the population at the expense of doing the right thing for our children who live in low-income homes.

Who are we if we don’t take help the less fortunate? That is what the world’s religions teach – we must help the less fortunate among us.

It is stupid welfare policy because healthy kids have the best chance of becoming healthy adults who will not need government support in the future. It is stupid economic policy because healthy children will be more productive as adults, thus able to earn more and to pay more taxes.

The GOP finds it more important to give enormous tax cuts to the wealthy than to provide basic health care to low-income children. The party is so anti-child that it cravenly funds a child molester’s campaign hoping he will be elected so he can vote for the tax cuts. We live in very strange times.