Letter: Only the policies matter

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Some maintain that Donald Trump has acted unconstitutionally. This hasn’t been evident to me. If he had colluded with Russia about the 2016 election, the information would long since have been disclosed or leaked.

President Obama’s regulations by executive order without legislative approval was certainly unconstitutional. The regulations also dragged down the economy, which was especially damaging to the poor. The purpose of the Constitution is to limit government powers. Obama preferred his powers to be unlimited.

Consider Hillary Clinton inviting those who sought her favor when she became president to fork over to the Clinton Charitable Foundation. These weren’t bribes, I suppose, but they were close. Hillary also transferred to her personal computer and later destroyed thousands of documents, some of which contained secrets. “Gosh, I didn’t know that was illegal.”

The regulations of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are not subject to review by the U.S. Legislature. The CFPB also obtains its money only from the Federal Reserve Bank. Bypassing the legislature so egregiously is unconstitutional. Congress is finally correcting this, arranging for legislative review of CFPB rulings and for legislative funding.

Mr. Trump has initiated a big reduction in the top corporate tax rate and reversed especially damaging regulations. He has placed constitutionalists on the Supreme Court and the courts of appeals. As a result, the economy has come alive, with black people gaining even faster than white people. So what if he’s a narcissist. What counts are the policies.