Signs of discord: Political placard for Haley gets fouled by one for Trump

A Donald Trump campaign sign was clamped on top of a Nikki Haley sign on Route 3A in Hill, N.H.

A Donald Trump campaign sign was clamped on top of a Nikki Haley sign on Route 3A in Hill, N.H. Courtesy of Terry Smith


Monitor staff

Published: 01-19-2024 5:17 PM

Modified: 01-20-2024 2:40 PM

At the corner of Murray Hill Road and Route 3A in the town of Hill, a campaign sign for Nikki Haley now stands for Donald Trump.

In the Merrimack County town of about 1,000 residents, someone stopped at a sign that read “Independents for Nikki,” and covered it with a “Trump: Make America Great Again.” The Trump sign is fastened to the Haley sign with two clamps.

It’s a small crime to foul a political sign and the clues point to a supporter of the Republican frontrunner in the New Hampshire Primary.

State law concerning political advertising says “No person shall remove, deface, or knowingly destroy any political advertising” that has been properly placed. Violators are subject to a fine of up to $1,000.

The effort to cover up the Haley sign did not go unnoticed by Hill resident Terry Smith, who lives two miles from the snowy intersection.

“Just the act of some mental toddler in a tantrum squalling for a particular political candidate; there’s just so much of that these days on both sides of the aisle,” Smith said. “It’s exhausting. Demoralizes us to the point where we now just roll our eyes instead of fighting back.”

Smith, a Democrat, was ticked off.

“They’re trying to oppress the rights of voters to make an informed choice,” he said. “I’m not seeing how this makes American great again.”

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