Letter: Our democracy will survive

Published: 10/28/2020 12:01:36 AM

There are times when it can be really special to look back on our human history and observe the cycles of its evolution in a storybook prose rather than fact-laden texts.

Drift back before the “BC-AD” era to what might be called the setting of the Grecian sun. Back to the time when the gods of Rome were born, the Roman senate ruled the world with legions that marched through forlorn lands. There were many, Carthage, Judea, the lands of the Nile, that felt the grip of Roman Eagles and Law. Imagine for a moment the glory of Caesar and his line as they looked out on the world, and it bowed in awe before them.

Now, however, from our current vantage point we have a vision that is, what should we say, disturbing, even fearful that this mighty power of the Classical Age that crushed all before them crumbled with internal moral decay and a vigorous barbarian tide.

Cycles? History repeating itself – let’s not grow weak ourselves. Exercise your vote on Tuesday, the third of November, then be patient and wait for the people to speak. It’s called democracy. It will survive in the United States of America under our Constitution.



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