Letter: Making America No. 1

Monday, September 11, 2017
Making America No. 1

It is time for America to be No. 1 in business and economic development. The children of this county need to be left a prosperous and thriving nation to carry the torch onward.

It is nothing short of irresponsible to do any different – our president understands that. Therefore, President Trump introduced a simple yet smart and effective tax reform plan that will make America great again. We all know with lower and simplified taxes, a ripple effect occurs creating jobs, new business ventures and more opportunities for the citizens of this great nation.

Under existing policies, the Congressional Budget Office projects economic growth to be stuck at 2 percent for the next 10 years. Tax relief and reform can boost economic growth, create jobs and raise wages for working Americans. Economists agree that America’s current corporate tax harms America’s workers by keeping their wages low. Lower wages mean a lower quality of life and make it harder for the average family to fulfill the American dream. This is especially true in rural America.

Soon a family will be able to fill out their taxes on a single sheet of paper. Simply, the more money you can keep in your pocket, the more you will spend on business, goods and much more. This extra spending supports business and creates more jobs generating more tax revenue than just taxing workers highly like the current system.

President Trump is working very hard for the American people one day at a time. It’s refreshing to see campaign promises kept.