Letter: Tone-deaf Dems

Published: 11/9/2018 12:01:17 AM

The results of Tuesday’s election were the mixed bag that I’d expected. The thing that stands out for me the most is the tone-deafness of the N.H. Democratic Party concerning the race for governor.

Democrats had a candidate with governing experience, a great immigrant story, local connections and clear positions on issues. That must’ve scared the heck out of the N.H. Democratic Party. Rather than get behind Steve Marchand, who was in the final months of a long campaign where he had crisscrossed the state and had serious momentum behind him, they chose to trot out a milquetoast candidate with no clear positions and lots of outside money, to anoint as their pick for governor. This backfired big time.

Democrats are apparently unable to learn from history. Two years ago, Bernie Sanders crushed Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. And again, the Democratic hierarchy was scared. They conspired with the media to bring down Bernie’s campaign. That and the unfair concept of the “superdelegate” are what we have to thank for Donald Trump in the White House. All those blue-collar towns along the Ohio river that went for Bernie in the primary, went for Trump in the general. That’s just one regional example of how Bernie would’ve fared better than Hillary.

And here at home, I blame the N.H. Democratic Party for the fact that Chris Sununu still occupies the corner office. This is why even though I agree with them on most issues, I will never be a member of the Democratic Party.



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