Letter: Tracking contacts to fight COVID-19

Published: 3/25/2020 12:01:19 AM

Might keeping a two-week current calendar of one’s social contacts be useful to containing the COVID-19 virus? In addition to frequent washing of hands with soap, minimizing contacts to those that are deemed necessary, and social distancing, I wonder whether each of us maintaining a running two-week calendar window of contacts might be useful to containment of the virus.

A two-week window would contain a daily list of contacts over the last 14 days. The notation for each contact entry could include the approximate time and duration of contact and whether social distancing was maintained for each. A calendar could be shared with a health care center using Google calendar or equivalent. Along with the calendar an owner might share access to their Google or other contacts file, which would likely facilitate locating some of the owner’s contacts listed in their two-week window of contacts. Those persons located could be notified if the owner became infected.


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