Letter: Trump doesn’t understand Israel-Palestinian conflict

Thursday, February 01, 2018
Trump doesn’t understand Israel-Palestinian conflict

Our president intends to punish the Palestinians for not negotiating with the Israelis by withdrawing U.S. funds from a U.N. program that provides essential food items to a people under siege from the Israeli government and Zionist illegal residents. Clearly, Donald Trump is woefully misinformed about the conflict.

The Israeli government has stated unequivocally that the exclusively Jewish homeland will encompass every inch of land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The attitude is that this is their “Zion,” the land the Hebrew Scriptures say God gave them. Never mind that this same land has its own indigenous population that has lived there for centuries.

Up against this literal “line in the sand” and following decades of negotiations and agreements that Israel rejected outright or intentionally ignored, what possible incentive do the Palestinians have to enter into more negotiations? “Negotiations” to Israel have been a delaying tactic that led to more land grabs, more illegal settlements, more Palestinian home demolitions, more military detentions of Arab children, more disregard for international law.

Fair negotiation presumes reasonable equality of the parties. Under these circumstances, no individual or population would expect a fair outcome.

Contrast the withdrawal of a few hundred million dollars from the U.N. for food for the Palestinians with our continuing yearly contributions of 4 billion dollars in military support to Israel. The disproportion is mind-blowing. I am so ashamed of this administration.