Letter: Bush versus Trump

Published: 12/5/2018 10:00:36 PM

A great deal of what President Donald Trump has accomplished has been by executive directives and placing hacks into Cabinet level positions. I can think of two “major accomplishments” that were done by Congress. That is the tax gift to the rich and opening up the Arctic coast off of Alaska for oil drilling.

So the next president, assuming Trump is a one-term president, can undo quickly what Trump has done through executive order and placing competent, experienced people in high government position. What can’t be accomplished quickly is the restoration of the American people’ s confidence in our justice system, the FBI, our government working for the people and the presidency itself.

The contrast between George Herbert Walker Bush and Donald John Trump has been very informative. President Bush was thoughtful and respectful. President Trump is boastful, ill informed and insulting to friends as well as enemies. Oh, where is the next President Bush look-alike.



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