Letter: Obama versus Trump

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Archie Richards (Monitor letters, May 15) implied that Donald Trump did something special lowering corporate tax rates. What Richards does not want you to know is President Barack Obama asked Congress, in two State of the Union addresses, to lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent. Tea Party majority Republicans said, “No.”

Republicans refused to give Obama “a win,” thus trillions of dollars were kept offshore, denying hard-working Americans investment capital to stimulate our economy and taxes that could have paid down our debt.

How dare Richards accuse Obama of “damaging regulations,” i.e. DACA, while Trump reverses a ban on lead lures and bullets used to shoot water fowl. Bald eagles and other wildlife will be ingesting lead again as it travels up the food chain.

Richards goes on: “(Trump) has placed constitutionalists on the Supreme Court and the courts of appeals.” That’s code for reinstituting robber baron mentality, encouraging oligarchs and religious fundamentalists.

Richards writes, “So what if Trump is a narcissist?” Narcissus was proud to disdain (fire) those who were closest to him. Narcissus fell in love with the reflection of himself, could not get over himself – until he died. At least I’m glad Richards seems to acknowledge this character trait/flaw in Trump.

One more thing: Trump skated into an expanding economy. He could have run twice but knew he was too incompetent and lazy to do the hard work from 2008 to 2016. Trump would much rather play golf.